Trump mocked for calling out Biden’s ‘skinny legs’ on beach vacation

Donald Trump’s physical fitness was mocked after he went after President Joe Biden for looking “terrible” at the beach during an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The pre-recorded interview was posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, just as the first Republican primary debate began in Milwaukee.

“I think he’s worse mentally than he is physically and physically. He’s not exactly a triathlete, or any kind of athlete,” Mr Trump told Carlson.

“You look at him, he can’t walk to the helicopter. He walks, he can’t lift his feet out of the grass, you know, it’s only two inches at the White House,” the ex-president added.

“You watch him and it looks like he’s walking on toothpicks,” Mr Trump said about Mr Biden’s legs. “And then you see him on the beach where he can’t lift a chair. You know, those chairs are meant to be light, right? ... They’re like two ounces.”

“I don’t know what they’re doing with the beach,” he said. “You know, this beach has seemed to play a big role, but they love pictures of him on the beach. I think he looks terrible on the beach. He can’t walk through the sand.”

“There’s somebody in there that thinks he looks fabulous at the beach. I think he looks horrible at the beach,” Mr Trump said.

During the rant, Mr Carlson interjected: “Skinny legs.”

Mr Biden spent 10 days at his Delaware beach house in Rehoboth in July, the Daily Mail noted.

“The beach doesn’t represent what the president is supposed to be doing, he’s supposed to be working,” Mr Trump, who famously spent much of his presidency playing golf, said. “He’s supposed to be getting us out of that horrible, horrible war that we’re very much involved in with Russia and Ukraine. You could do that. And you could do that very easily. I believe you could do that. I don’t believe he could do it because he’s just incompetent.”

“If I were president, it would have never started,” Mr Trump, who once took the side of Russian President Vladimir Putin over the US intelligence community, claimed.

Users of the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, questioned Mr Trump’s focus on Mr Biden’s physique.

“Why is Trump talking about whether Biden has a beach body? Was there some imaginary right-wing scandal about the President carrying beach chairs?” one user asked.

“I quadruple dog dare Trump to take off his shirt at the beach. On second thought, nobody wants to see that!” another user said.

“Trump is literally a fat a** why do people view him as this strong bulk force of masculinity,” a third said.

“The orange whale has something to say about people’s fitness,” one person tweeted.