Trump Bemoans Missing Scottish Golf Tournament Because He’s Facing Several Court Cases

Former President Donald Trump is spending his Sunday on Truth Social, where he shared that he was unable to attend this weekend’s Staysure Senior PGA Championship in Scotland due to his current legal challenges. Or as Trump put it, he will be too busy “[fighting] off the Crazed Radical Left Lunatics, Communists, Marxists, and Fascists.”

He added, “I wouldn’t want to be in Europe and watch this COUNTRY DESTROYING Scum work their disgusting and illegal ‘magic’ on unsuspecting Republican ‘leaders’ who just don’t think it is appropriate to Fight Fire With Fire. BUT WE WILL WIN. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

The post came hours after Trump launched into a late-night rant against Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. This time around, Trump was angry about a Fox poll that excluded him.

He wrote, “The Globalists over at FoxNews and their subservient ‘paper,’ The Wall Street Journal, in their never ending quest to stop America First, and give Ron DeSanctimonious one last HOPELESS push, have created the dumbest Poll yet.

“It states ‘What candidates are you voting for among likely GOP primary voters who WATCHED THE DEBATE?'” Trump continued. “I wasn’t going to bring this up but no TRUMP VOTER watched the debate, which was the lowest rated ever, because they were ALL watching my interview with Tucker Carlson!”

Trump then insisted on the dubious claim that his interview with Tucker Carlson, which aired the same night as the Republican primary debate, was a real rating success. He added, “Page 2: The Interview has, at this moment, 260,000,000 Views, the biggest of all time, whereas the FoxNews Debate had only 11,000,000 Viewers. End of story! If FoxNews doesn’t get on board the greatest MOVEMENT of all time, MAGA, they will continue to Hemorrhage Viewers and Ratings – They will never come back – The beautiful Golden Goose will be forever gone!”

It’s been pointed out that the “260,000,000 views” number Trump has proclaimed is actually the total number of times the tweet Tucker Carlson sent out about the interview has been seen. Twitter has also clarified that “anyone who is logged into Twitter who views a Tweet counts as a view, regardless of where they see the Tweet” and that “multiple views may be counted if you view a Tweet more than once.”

On Thursday, Mashable reported that the actual number of people who watched two seconds of the Trump-Carlson interview is closer to 14.8 million. The total number of concurrent views of the Fox debate was 12.8 million, which puts the total views much higher.

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