Trump Attorney Says She’s ‘Ashamed To Be A Lawyer’ And You Know What Happened

Alina Habba, an attorney for Donald Trump, on Thursday declared she was “ashamed to be a lawyer” following the indictment of the former president for mishandling top-secret documents after leaving the White House.

Habba, talking to Fox News’ Jesse Watters, suggested the indictment was nothing more than an attempt to distract voters from President Joe Biden.

“What they do is they say, ‘Oh, look at this shiny ball, Jesse. Look at the shiny ball. Let’s go after Trump. Whatever you hear about the Bidens, don’t worry about it. Trump, Trump, Trump.’ It’s called Trump derangement syndrome and now it’s becoming so sick,” Habba said.

She added:

“I’m embarrassed to be a lawyer at this moment, honestly. I am ashamed. I’m ashamed to be a lawyer.”

Critics, including conservative attorney George Conway, agreed: