Trevor Bauer lays down the law before and after striking out Avisail Garcia

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The Cleveland Indians ran their winning streak to 12 after topping the White Sox 5-3 on Monday afternoon. That makes it the longest winning streak in MLB this season.

Needless to say, they’re on a serious roll right now, and like the fictional version of the Indians in the movie “Major League,” they’re having a lot of fun while steamrolling the competition. That’s especially true of starting pitcher Trevor Bauer, who was happy to talk a little trash in the midst of striking out Avisail Garcia.

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The exchange took place during the fourth inning when, according to Bauer, Garcia ticked him off by gesturing that he had Bauer measured after fouling off a pitch.

Immediately after getting a new baseball, Bauer gestured for Garcia to get back in the box in what he acknowledged as a challenge. Then, two pitches later, he pointed Garcia back to the dugout after striking him out.

And the laying down of the law didn’t end there. Here’s how Bauer described the exchange following the game. Big thanks to T.J. Zuppe of the The Atlantic for transcribing.

“He likes to run his mouth. You start sitting there talking, ‘Oh, they don’t throw me fastballs. Why do they just throw me breaking balls?’ He’s said it before. Not sure he knows that the rules of this game say you can throw whatever pitch you want. He started yapping at me. I threw him a first-pitch slider. He fouled it off, stared right at me, said something while he was nodding his head, like I’m right on you or something. I told him, `If you’re that confident, step back in the box. Let’s go. Get back in the box. And then he fouled off a pitch — another one that he should have hit. It was right down the middle and he missed it. And then he looked at me and started nodding again. I threw him a curveball. He swung and missed. I decided to remind him of the rules of the game. Three strikes, you’re out. You can go sit back in the dugout. To his credit, he took it like a champ. He put his head down, he shut his mouth and he walked himself back to the dugout. Good for him.”

That’s pretty intense. Words were exchanged on the field too, but thankfully it all stayed within the context of competitive baseball.

Trevor Bauer struck out nine to earn his 15th win of the season for the Indians. (AP)
Trevor Bauer struck out nine to earn his 15th win of the season for the Indians. (AP)

Bauer got the best of Garcia in two of their three meetings, striking him out in the first and fourth innings before walking him the sixth. Bauer got the win for Cleveland after pitching 6 1/3 innings of two-run ball while striking out nine.

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