Travis Kelce on How ‘Getting to Know’ Taylor Swift Has Changed Him

Travis Kelce gave multiple interviews yesterday where he addressed just how much dating Taylor Swift has changed his life. The Kansas City Chiefs player spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how Swift has altered his music taste and why it’s so important to him to support her during her tour when he can.

“It’s definitely been fun to experience her taste in music, for sure,” he said. “She’s so amazing at what she does. And to find that creativity to see where she likes to pull things from and just, really, how she listens to music is very eye-opening for me. It’s been fun to hear her take on it.”

He also shared his plans to go to Europe during Swift’s Eras tour leg there, since it’s during his off-season. “She’ll be all over Europe,” Kelce said. “There won’t be a bad show, I promise you that.” Regarding his plans to see her, he said, “Oh, you know I gotta go support. You know it.”

Generally, he and Swift are “both very career-driven,” he said. “We both love what we do, and any chance that I can show my support to her—and knowing that she’s showing me all the support in the world throughout the season—it’s just been an amazing experience getting to know Tay.”

Kelce told People that this moment of his life is the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m a guy that some people say is glass half full, half empty, and my glass is all the way full. It’s all the way full. I’m oozing life right now.”

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