Transforming Canned Cinnamon Rolls Into Adorable Easter Bunnies Is Too Easy

easter bunny shaped cinnamon rolls
easter bunny shaped cinnamon rolls - Static Media / Shutterstock / TikTok

Canned cinnamon rolls provide a comforting addition to breakfast or brunch, and also work to make effortless monkey bread any time of the year. They were a favorite childhood treat for many of us, and are much easier than making a batch of homemade cinnamon rolls. But when the temperature is slowly warming up and you're mulling over how to spruce up your Easter spread at the start of spring, those canned cinnamon rolls are your solution. With a little prep work, the canned treat can be turned into dessert bunnies to serve at your Easter brunch or next to carrot cake cupcakes on your post-dinner dessert bar.

It's a TikTok hack you might have seen on your feed in recent years, but this trick is relatively common among parents to young children and those who host annual Easter meals. It starts by opening the can of cinnamon rolls and separating the single rolls like you normally would — but then there's a little work involved. Carefully pull away about half of the cinnamon roll from the rest, then use your fingers to make the shape of two bunny years. Next, pinch the end closed so it holds its shape in the oven. Cook the Easter bunny-shaped cinnamon rolls according to the instructions on the package.

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Use Colorful Sprinkles And Jelly Beans To Decorate Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls

Easter bunny cinnamon rolls on wire rack
Easter bunny cinnamon rolls on wire rack - Katarzyna Hurova/Shutterstock

After the cinnamon rolls are cool, the Easter festivities can really begin. Use the pouch of icing that comes with canned cinnamon rolls and drizzle it over the top if you want to keep it easy. Break out the food coloring to give the icing a pop of color, and use bright colors like blue, green, yellow, and pink to lean into the spring season. Store-bought black gel icing works if you want to draw eyes, nose, and a mouth on the bunny. You can also make it homemade, like with Tasting Table's easy royal icing recipe, if you need more icing for the festive rolls.

Why stop with the icing? Colorful sprinkles are an easy way to complete these cinnamon rolls. Use spring-themed sprinkles in pastel colors like pink and yellow to stay true to the Easter color palette. You can find these at most major stores this time of year. For more sugar (it's a holiday, after all), use jelly beans, such as the Starburst jelly beans that landed near the top of our Easter candy ranking to create an Easter bunny face. Those pastel-colored M&M's that usually hit the shelves around this time of year also work. To make it easier on yourself, and distract the kiddos while you hide Easter eggs, set up a table with bowls of icing, sprinkles, and candies and let the kids decorate their own bunny cinnamon roll.

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