Trader Joe’s Raised the Price of This Bestselling Item by a Whopping 20%

Inflation strikes again.



One of Trader Joe’s most popular items is getting a notable price increase. 

The cost of groceries in 2024 is no joke, and the famously affordable Trader Joe’s produce isn’t immune to inflation, the cost of labor, shipping, and, well, everything else that has us seeing grocery store price increases for the past few years. 

After 25 years of consistent banana pricing, the price of Trader Joe’s bananas is increasing by just over 20%. And yes, that sounds like a lot, but at 19 cents per banana, the new price of 23 cents per banana hopefully isn’t too steep for most shoppers with a 4-cent wiggle room in their budget. 

Trader Joe’s famously sells bananas single, instead of in bunches, allowing customers to handpick which bananas and exactly how many bananas they want to buy. With the price increase, four bananas, which is about a pound, will now cost $0.92 (before tax).

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A viral Reddit thread on Wednesday, March 20, originally announced the price increase, and Trader Joe’s has confirmed the rate. In fact, the grocer’s website has now been updated with the 23-cent per banana pricing.



This doesn’t necessarily mean other Trader Joe’s products will increase in cost, or that banana prices will rise steeply at other retailers. According to data collected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of bananas has remained at a steady $0.62–$0.64 per pound since November 2021. Assuming four bananas typically weigh about a pound (and yes, bananas vary in size), the average price per banana in the U.S. would be about 16-cents per banana. Using that math, Trader Joe’s has been potentially overcharging for bananas for quite a while! 

Still, buying bananas one by one can be considered a privilege, and a way to lure shoppers into a store known for low-priced, specialty, organic, and high-quality items. Organic bananas are also available at Trader Joe’s, priced at 29 cents per banana.

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Those looking to save on groceries can check out a Subreddit tracking which Trader Joe’s items are typically cheaper than mainstream supermarket counterparts. Cheaper groceries at Trader Joe’s include specific produce, like bagged lettuce, canned beans, frozen fruit and vegetables, pasta, and more. Staples like eggs and milk may also be cheaper at Trader Joe’s, depending on the region. 

Trader Joe’s prices are famously consistent across its 571 stores in the United States, but selection and pricing can vary slightly due to “state laws, taxes, deposit requirements and our distribution costs,” the grocer’s website states. Call your local Trader Joe’s to confirm pricing. Or to check for the upcoming mini tote restock, the price of which is not expected to increase from $2.99.

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