Trader Joe’s Just Raised the Price of Its Most Popular Item by Over 20%

For the first time in over 25 years, making banana bread just got a little more expensive.

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If you’re anything like me, Trader Joe’s is your one-stop shop. From one-of-a-kind snacks to family-favorite frozen meals and all the produce and dairy products in between, it is a home cook's dream.

Recently I've noticed that some of my TJ’s mainstays have been going up in price. Inflated price tags are no surprise, unfortunately. It seems like all groceries, no matter where I buy them, are getting more expensive by the day. There is one must-have food item, however, that I was shocked to see go up in price at Trader Joe's: bananas.

After over 25 years of the same 19-cent price tag, the bananas at Trader Joe’s finally bit the inflation bullet and are now being sold for 23 cents. The beloved grocery chain has raised the price by 20 percent, meaning America’s favorite fruit and Trader Joe's most popular produce as voted by its customers, just got more expensive. Last week, fans took to Reddit to confirm the price hike at their local stores across the U.S.

For the past 10 years, the average price of bananas in the U.S. has been about 60 cents per pound (about three bananas), and fans have been about to snag them at Trader Joe's for a reliably low price. (If you want the skinny on the interesting story behind how TJ’s bananas got priced in the first place, check it out here.)

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Simply Recipes / Adobe Stock

Make the Most of Your Bananas

With this recent price hike, I’ll be taking some steps to make sure no bananas find their way into the trashcan. I’ll be freezing them—here's the right way to freeze bananas—and keeping a close eye on them while they ripen on the counter for my next batch banana bread.

If you find yourself, like me, buying a bunch of bananas at a time, here are a few recipes to make sure you work your way through all of them before they turn too brown:

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