The Toyota Century SUV Convertible Is as Ridiculous as We Hoped

toyota century suv convertible
Toyota Century SUV Convertible Is Ridiculous, GoodSumo Video / YouTube

Toyota already added a new twist to its Japan-only Century executive car when it revealed the line's first SUV last year, but that was far from the most absurd plan the brand had in mind for its most luxurious product. That honor is reserved for the convertible variant of the Century SUV, briefly teased at the end of the car's original reveal. The real thing is just as ridiculous as you might hope.

The Century SUV convertible was shown off at length in a video from Japan's Sumo Association. The group plans to use this particular Century as a parade float, so the rear seat area has been replaced with an elevated bench for ideal viewing and waving.

toyota century suv convertible
Sumo Video / YouTube

Like the Century convertible Toyota built for Japan's new emperor in 2019, the Century SUV convertible keeps all four doors. With an open top, that makes the new Century variant look like an overgrown customized sedan rather than a sleek and intentional convertible. Crucially, it also means that the luxury truck does not look like a Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet.

Like Akio Toyoda's personal Toyota Century GRMN, the Century SUV convertible appears to be a one-off for now. Customization is a major focus for the new Century SUV, however, and the engineering work has already been done if other buyers want to order Toyota's most decadent car without a roof. The standard Century SUV starts at the equivalent of $171,000 before any rooftop surgeries take place.

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