Tourney halftime Bee Gees tribute show goes horribly wrong

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Step aside, Fergie. We’ve got a new contender for Worst In-Game Entertainment.

At halftime of Thursday night’s Pac-12 tournament in Las Vegas, the “Australian Bee Gees,” a Bee Gees tribute band, stepped to center court. (For those under, like, 45: the Bee Gees were a disco-era staple. You’ve heard their music any time a lazy director wants to set the mood for a movie set in the 1970s.)

With a tribute band, you’re already working at one step removed from the original musicians, and with the constraints set by a halftime show, you can’t exactly ease into your show. You’ve got to come out strong, and, well … that didn’t happen. Here, take a listen for yourself:

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Yeah, look … we’re sure the lads in Australian Bee Gees are wonderful blokes, but that sounds like someone trying to fake their way through karaoke’ing a song they’ve never heard before. That performance was, shall we say, a tragedy.

Now, in truth, the ABGs apparently have a pretty solid pedigree, with a residency at Excalibur in Vegas, according to their Instagram page. So what went wrong?

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According to local media, there were sound issues at the arena, and Pac-12 officials offered up a unique solution:

Here’s hoping that this performance doesn’t sink the ABGs. Everyone deserves a second shot at stayin’ alive. (Sorry.)

The Australian Bee Gees (Getty file photo).
The Australian Bee Gees (Getty file photo).

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