The touchdown celebrations we'd like to see under the NFL's new rules

Kevin Kaduk
Shutdown Corner

A new season of the National Football League is upon us and wide receivers everywhere can finally feel free to be themselves without worrying about being hit in the pocketbook.

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After years of heavy complaints from both the players and public, the league finally eased its touchdown celebration rules last spring. Players are now allowed to celebrate with teammates, perform celebrations on the ground and use the ball as a prop.

Celebrations that include violence or are sexually suggestive are still prohibited, as are any displays directed toward the opposing team. Violate the rule and players will still contribute toward a celebration fine pool that hit a whopping $310,000 during the 2016 season.

But there are still plenty of options out there to celebrate six points. I named the ones I most want to see in the season debut of NFL in 90, a biweekly show that focuses on all things football.

How would you celebrate if you scored a touchdown in the NFL?

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