The Top Wedding Trends From More Than 3 Billion Pinterest Searches

Known for providing inspiration for fashion, interior design, beauty — and everything in between — Pinterest has earned an important place in the wedding planner’s journey. According to the company, 90 percent of U.S. wedding planners on Pinterest visit the destination first when preparing for a wedding.

As wedding season kicks off, Pinterest has released its 2024 wedding report, examining the key trends couples are gravitating toward this year. While many new, exciting trends are coming to life, inspired by today’s popular art and culture a staying trends, others see the ongoing shrinking size of gatherings.

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“Every wedding season, couples turn to Pinterest to find inspiration for their special day, and with billions of wedding ideas saved each year, there is endless inspiration to discover and help them plan their dream nuptials,” said Sydney Stanback, global trends and insights lead at Pinterest.

Perhaps the flashiest new wedding trend is being called “gothic glamour.” The aesthetic looks to create a sense of intimacy, mystery and drama with searches for “dark fantasy wedding” experiencing a 1,650 percent increase in searches since last year. Notably, there has been a significant increase in popularity for dark romantic fantasy, or “romantacy,” on social media in recent months as well with consumers share a love of the genre. This social media hype comes from multiple sources including the Rebecca Yarros’ “Fourth Wing” novel, which has been picked up by Amazon Studios for a television series and the “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series from Sarah J. Maas.

Popular search trends for “gothic glamour” weddings include “moody wedding colors” with a 260 percent increase in searches, “dark romantic wedding decor” with a 215 percent increase in searches and “dark romantic wedding” with a 144 percent increase in searches from Gen Z users.

Searches for “dark fantasy wedding” have increased 1,650 percent since last year on Pinterest.
Searches for “dark fantasy wedding” have increased 1,650 percent since last year on Pinterest.

Another stray from tradition, being led primarily by Gen Z couples, is the “vibrant vows” trend, which represents a shift to colorful decor over the traditional neutral tones. “Gen Z is leading a rebellion against the white wedding and leaning into bold colors like red to add extra flair to their celebrations,” Stanback said.

Still, the “vibrant vows” trend is gaining popularity across all generations with searches for “colorful eclectic decor” seeing a 325 percent increase, “colorful garden wedding” seeing a 650 percent increase and “vibrant wedding flowers” experiencing a 380 percent increase. Gen Z users also gave “green wedding dress for bride” a 90 percent increase in searches and “red rose wedding” an 85 percent increase in searches.

More traditionally though redefining the extravagance expected from weddings is the “quiet life” wedding trend with many couples looking to plan easygoing gatherings instead of over-the-top, expensive events. Pinterest’s data found that searches for “quiet life” have increased 530 percent globally since last year. Within this trend couples are looking to put emphasis on quality time with loved ones and guest experiences. Venues are in cozy environments that often connect with nature and dress is more casual with easy hairstyles and simple makeup.

“This year, people on Pinterest are leaning into the ‘quiet life’ as they plan smaller nuptials like wedding dinner parties and choose venues that connect with nature like gardens, forests and small backyards,” Stanback said.

Searches for “wedding dinner party” have increased 150 percent since last year on Pinterest.
Searches for “wedding dinner party” have increased 150 percent since last year on Pinterest.

Similarly, Pinterest’s data has seen a rise in searches for timeless vintage weddings, where couples are looking to draw inspiration from the “charm and romance of bygone eras” as well as classic and refined aesthetics. The trend, said the researchers, is likely linked to other trends that rely on nostalgia. Wedding targeted searches include searches for Y2K, 1990s or groovy nuptials which represent the 1960s and 1970s.

Key search terms with significant rise for vintage wedding themes include “’70s wedding dress vintage” (up 420 percent), “Victorian wedding dress vintage” (up 170 percent), “’70s-inspired wedding” (up 1,800 percent) and “vintage Italian wedding” (up 310 percent). Looking specifically at Gen Z wedding searches, the company found a 200 percent increase in searches for “vintage lace wedding dress” and a 120 percent increase in searches for “vintage wedding rings.”

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