Tom Izzo was on 'Judge Mathis' and had the time of his life

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Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo had a fantastic time on “Judge Mathis.” (Twitter/Judge Mathis)
Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo had a fantastic time on “Judge Mathis.” (Twitter/Judge Mathis)

There’s really no way to preface this amazing (and amazingly random) thing, so it’s best to jump right in: Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo was on the daytime TV courtroom show “Judge Mathis.”

If that sounds weird and unbelievable, I don’t blame you. Because of the million questions someone could have about this, the one at the top of the list is: WHY? Why is Michigan State basketball coach — and Basketball Hall of Famer! — Tom Izzo sitting in the courtroom of a daytime TV show?

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First, it’s important to establish that Izzo was not bringing a case in front of Judge Mathis. He wasn’t bitten by someone’s dog. His neighbor didn’t fail to pay him back for their shared barbecue grill. A local troublemaker didn’t steal his lawn ornaments or spray paint his garage door. Izzo was just a spectator, sitting in the gallery of the “courtroom” and having the time of his freaking life.

Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you for that, either. So here’s the proof.

That clip also answers everyone’s most burning question: Izzo was there because he knows Judge Mathis. His full name is Greg Mathis, and he’s a retired judge from Detroit, Michigan. And it appears from the clip that they know each other through Judge Mathis’ daughter, who went to Michigan State and served as an assistant to Izzo. Judge Mathis was also quick to point out that his daughter graduated at the top of her class and is now a lawyer. There’s never a bad time for some proud parental bragging, right?

It seems that Izzo may have also been in the courtroom for an episode that aired back in October (many daytime courtroom and game shows will film multiple episodes in a day using the same audience) but the “Judge Mathis” YouTube account released the above clip on Tuesday. So now everyone can enjoy the glory that is Tom Izzo on an episode of “Judge Mathis.”

Say hi, Tom! (YouTube)
Say hi, Tom! (YouTube)

I cannot say this enough times, because it’s weird and wonderful and odd and fantastic all at once: Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo, one of the most storied and successful basketball coaches of all-time, is friends with Judge Mathis, and went on his daytime TV courtroom show. And he had the best time ever.

Tom Izzo is yukking it up on “Judge Mathis.”
Tom Izzo is yukking it up on “Judge Mathis.”

May we all enjoy something today as much as Izzo enjoyed his time on “Judge Mathis.”

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