Has Tom Brady already filmed his NFL MVP acceptance speech?

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Tom Brady is going to be the 2017 NFL MVP. You don’t need us to tell you that. You don’t need an accidental, careless leak either.

But just in case there was any doubt …

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Somebody in attendance at New England Patriots media availability today – presumably a Patriots or NFL staffer – appears to have been carrying around a copy of Brady’s acceptance speech. The piece of paper in his left hand clearly reads “[B]RADY ACCEPTANCE SPEECH” at the top, with “MVP Award” two lines down:

(Screenshot: @SchlossmanGF on Twitter)
(Screenshot: @SchlossmanGF on Twitter)

The MVP will be announced on Saturday night, along with several other awards, at the annual NFL Honors event. But it looks like we might have just gotten our MVP announcement from this careless Patriots/NFL employee.

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In the past, MVPs and other award recipients who were set to appear in the Super Bowl the following day did not attend the ceremony. Instead, they filmed messages, and the videos were played on the big screen. Matt Ryan was the most recent example:

So perhaps Brady took time out of his busy Super Bowl week to film his acceptance speech on Thursday? Or perhaps he did so earlier in the week?

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Or maybe this staffer is purposefully flaunting the speech to remind media members and Philadelphia Eagles players who the king is.

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