Tokyo's North Korea fan club is one of a kind

Jess Butler,

Unbeknownst to many outside of Tokyo, there lies a fan club dedicated to all things North Korea. 

According to the Japan Times, a woman known as Chunhun is a freelance illustrator in her twenties, and also the leader of sengun - joshi , or military-first girls. Toyko's only North Korea fan club. 

Members of the fan club can be seen dressing in Korean People's Army military garb, as well as indulging in various aspects of the country's culture. Chunhun and other fan club members perform dances to the music of Kim Jong Un's favorite band, Moranbong Band which he put together himself. 

Check out the military-first girls below:

While the group may seem like they worship a leader that most Japanese would prefer not to associate with, the members of sengun - joshi claim their interest in the country is purely cultural and they are not on board with North Korea's political policies. 

Chunhun and her friends frequently gather to discuss their lives and of course their love of the neighboring country's culture. The fan club leader's home is filled with North Korea paraphernalia like photos of past leaders, books, beauty products and posters.

The group has received daily hate messages in response to their extracurricular activities, especially on Chunhun's Twitter account where she has documented her Korean themed outfits. 


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