A toddler was sneakily stealing popcorn from Prince Harry -- and the photos of him realizing it are priceless

Jennifer Kline, AOL.com

While we're thrilled that Prince William and Duchess Kate are expecting their third child, a new crop of photos has us clamoring for Prince Harry to jump on the fatherhood wagon. Immediately, please.

The must-see shots came from the Invictus Games on Wednesday, where the younger royal was seated next to a very hungry little girl: Emily Henson, the two-year-old daughter of Paralympian Dave Henson, was perched on her mom's lap in ideal distance from Prince Harry's popcorn bucket. The toddler easily took advantage of this open opportunity, and as Harry chatted with the man beside him, Emily enjoyed handfuls of a free snack.

Of course, Harry eventually realized what was going on right under his nose -- and his reaction is priceless.

Need a video play-by-play? Of course you do. It's in the video above.

Just a few weeks ago, Harry had another hilariously adorable run-in with a pint-sized cutie: He was visiting veterans' homes in Manchester when one man's daughter reminded him of manners he'd forgotten.

"Wipe your feet," she told Harry, to which he quickly obliged.

Yes, there are photos of that moment, too. Take a look:

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