Toddler finds a photo of another toddler who looks just like him at Walmart

This toddler spotted an ad featuring a toddler that looks just like him at a Walmart, prompting a hilarious moment of confusion!

Jacque Williams (@_jacquewilliams) is a parent and TikToker who shares adorable videos of her sons Carter and Caden. Jacque was shopping with her boys in Walmart recently when Carter had a glitch in the matrix moment and spotted a photograph of a boy who looked just like him. In the hilarious video, Jacque unsuccessfully attempts to explain to Carter that the photo is not actually of him.

The video begins with Carter standing in a shopping cart in Walmart. The toddler has shoulder length curly blonde hair and wears a t-shirt and shorts. He stares in confusion at a framed photograph of another toddler, who also has shoulder length curly blonde hair. The two toddlers look remarkably similar.

“Me!” Carter says, pointing at the photograph.

“No,” Jacque replies.

“It’s him,” Carter’s brother, Caden, can be heard saying in the background.

“It’s not him,” Jacque tells Caden.

Carter stares at the photograph, then looks at his mom in confusion. He points at his chest. “Carter,” he says.

Then, he points back at the photograph. “Carter,” he says again.

“I know your name’s Carter, but that’s not you,” Jacque explains.

Carter falls silent, trying to process this information. Then, Caden jumps in. “If that’s not Carter, and that’s Carter,” he says pointing at the photograph and the toddler.

Then, he continues pointing at himself. “And that’s not Caden and I’m Caden,” he says, clearly confused.

“And that’s not mommy, and you’re mommy,” Caden concludes as the video ends.

Viewers were cracking up at the confused toddlers.

“Caden is having an existential crisis,” one viewer joked.

“That’s 100% him,” wrote another viewer.

“How you gonna tell Carter that’s not him when he said it’s him?” asked another TikToker.

In a shocking follow-up video, Jacque revealed that the boy in the photograph’s mom had reached out to her on social media. Not only do the two boys look alike, but it turns out they’re both named Carter. So Carter was right: The photograph was of Carter!

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