TMZ Reports That Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Are Heading for Divorce

TMZ Reports That Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Are Heading for Divorce

In unexpected news that has not been confirmed or denied by either party, TMZ reports that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas might be heading for divorce. According to the outlet—who reportedly spoke to multiple sources— "Joe had his people contact and consult with at least 2 L.A.-area divorce lawyers and he is on the cusp of filing divorce docs to end his marriage to Sophie."

Sources add that Joe and Sophie have had "serious problems" for the last six months, also pointing out that Joe hasn't been wearing his ring for the past few weeks, and that the couple sold their Miami mansion.

A couple things to note before you start spiraling:

Sophie has been spotted supporting Joe on The Tour and has seemed extremely here for it—as recently as mid-August when she and Priyanka Chopra were seen dancing in the audience!

Sophie also posted pictures of her and Joe on this same night (which, again, was literally just a couple weeks ago) looking very happy to her Instagram grid:

The Miami mansion sale definitely seemed like a real estate flipping scenario...they bought the home a year ago for $11 million, renovated it, and then sold it for $15 million (making a $4 million profit in the span of a few months). So it wasn't like this was their long-time family home that they were suddenly divesting.

Either way, we'll let you know what happens so stay tuned (and more on the sale below!).

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