Tipping the scales: Eddie Lacy makes weight again, earns more dough

<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nfl/teams/sea/" data-ylk="slk:Seattle Seahawks">Seattle Seahawks</a> running back <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nfl/players/26684/" data-ylk="slk:Eddie Lacy">Eddie Lacy</a> has once again cleared a weight hurdle and earned money for it. (AP)
Seattle Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy has once again cleared a weight hurdle and earned money for it. (AP)

Perhaps there are more organic food options in Seattle versus Green Bay, but that’s now two straight weigh-ins that Eddie Lacy has made. And that’s good news for both him and the Seattle Seahawks.

His weight has been a constant point of chatter, especially after the Green Bay Packers allowed him to walk for relatively cheap money to join the Seahawks this offseason. But when Lacy had a clause built into his contract to monitor his fitness with regular weigh-ins, it was clear where the concern was about him.

Now, though, Lacy appears to be on the right track with his new team.

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That’s two straight weigh-ins below 255 for Lacy, who could carve out a nice role with the Seahawks, who allowed Marshawn Lynch to come out of retirement and join the Oakland Raiders. Ever since Lynch drifted into the sunset, the Seahawks have not had a consistent punisher in the backfield.

There’s a fine line with Lacy’s weight, and he got too big with the Packers, to the point where his power was minimized by a lack of foot quickness and a propensity for getting hurt. But if Lacy keeps things in check, he has terrific ability and could be a nice addition. His one-year contract demonstrates where he is in his career: in prove-it mode. But he’s up to $110K now in weight-related bonuses, so that’s nice.

His weight has always carried a strange fascination with fans and media ever since Lacy admitted at the NFL scouting combine coming out of Alabama that he was a “pound or three” too heavy in school. His most recent Seahawks weigh-in suggests that’s currently not an issue.

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