Tim Tebow tends to fan who had a seizure after his baseball game

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Tim Tebow, the ex-quarterback turned New York Mets minor-leaguer, may have performed a miracle Tuesday, and no, it has nothing to do with his attempt at a baseball career.

Following Tebow’s Arizona Fall League debut, the outfielder reportedly came to the aid of a man who suffered a seizure. Tebow reportedly placed his hands on the man and said a prayer before emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

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The whole thing sounds pretty surreal given Tebow’s reputation, right? But there’s evidence that the whole thing took place.

This went further than a prayer. After the man regained consciousness, Tebow sat and talked with him for 15 minutes, according to USA Today. Tebow comforted the man, telling him paramedics are “going to take good care of you, buddy.” In an amusing twist, the man turned out to be a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan. Tebow attended the University of Florida, one of Georgia’s biggest rivals.

The fire department arrived at the park to help the man who had the seizure. There’s been no update on his condition.

Amazingly, this is not the first time Tebow has come to the aid of someone in distress. Tebow was reportedly involved in a similar situation in June after a man experienced heart problems on a flight. Tebow comforted the family and prayed with them as the plane prepared to make an emergency landing.

Tim Tebow’s first AFL game proved to be pretty eventful. (Getty Images/Rob Foldy)
Tim Tebow’s first AFL game proved to be pretty eventful. (Getty Images/Rob Foldy)

Now, classifying either scenario as a “miracle” falls on the side of hyperbole. But we should acknowledge that Tebow does seem like an individual who cares, and is willing to come to the aid of those in need. No matter how you feel about Tebow, this appeared to be a moment of genuine kindness. It’s tough to be snarky about that.

Tebow’s performance on the field wasn’t as uplifting. The 29-year-old outfielder went 0-for-3, with three groundouts. He also crashed into the outfield wall face-first while trying to catch a fly ball.

His on-field performance may not have been encouraging, but that hardly seems to matter considering what happened after the game.

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