Tim Tebow definitely does not think Wisconsin deserves a College Football Playoff spot

Dr. Saturday
Tim Tebow fires up the hot-take machine. (AP)
Tim Tebow fires up the hot-take machine. (AP)

Throw Tim Tebow, Alabama football and ESPN’s “First Take” into a bowl, mix it up, and it’s guaranteed to come out tasting like something the good people of Wisconsin are going to think is awful.

And … voilà:

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That’s the former Florida quarterback, current St. Lucie Mets outfielder and forever lightning rod telling Wisconsites that their Badgers shouldn’t be one of the four teams in the College Football Playoff. Or, at least I think that’s what he was saying, even though he said that’s not what he’s saying:

“I’m not saying they should not go. I’m saying the committee is going to say that they should go. I’m saying they’re not one of the four best teams, and if you’re telling me that it’s the four best teams, then it can’t be who’s most deserving, undefeated; it has to be the four best teams, and you and me both know if right here in the Mercedes Benz Dome if Alabama played Wisconsin, they would probably beat the brakes off ’em.

“So, when you say the four best teams, then don’t say undefeated, don’t say deserving, don’t say strength of schedule, don’t say strength of record, because it’s not the four best. You look at film, and they’re not one of the four best teams.”

I’ve never heard “beat the brakes off ’em” before, but that seems like a very Tebow thing to say, and I like it. It’s also pretty on brand that the “First Take” vortex can whip Tebow into some hot take artistry.

As for his point, it’s one many will make, and one everyone who roots for an SEC team will most certainly employ (lest we forget Tebow is a Gator), but should Wisconsin beat Ohio State on Saturday, they will have one more win against a top-10 team than the Crimson Tide and an undefeated record in a power conference, so it’s hard to say which team would beat which when they don’t play each other.

Yet another reason they should expand the playoff to eight teams, if you ask me, because Wisconsin-Alabama could be an awfully fun 4-5 matchup. This is the same argument we’ve been having for years, but I do enjoy Tebow’s enthusiasm for it. I’m guessing Badgers fans won’t feel the same way, though.

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