Tim Scott Slams ‘Morning Joe,’ CNN for ‘Vile’ Attacks on His Character: ‘Most Racists in the Country Are Liberals’ | Video

Sen. Tim Scott — a former 2024 presidential candidate-turned-Donald Trump devotee — slammed liberal media’s criticisms of his character on Thursday, telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity that “Morning Joe,” CNN and others have promoted “vile and disgusting comments” about him.

“Most racists in the country are liberal,” he said.

The Thursday night “Hannity” segment kicked off with the host saying, “Identity groups in America, you’re not allowed to attack them. But this seems to be open season on one group: conservative African Americans.”

“I’m sure you’re sick and tired of it because I certainly am,” Hannity continued, playing clips from “Morning Joe,” CNN, “The View” cohost Ana Navarro and others. “Some of these comments are repulsive.”

Scott responded by saying, “Absolutely, they are vile and disgusting comments coming from the far Left,” before accusing most racists being politically left-leaning.

“The bigotry that comes from the far radical Left is just normal these days,” Scott added. “Why? Because they’re trying not just to attack me, but they’re trying to make sure that any other minority who will think for themselves and will consider the GOP, they want to send a message to every single one of them: Step out of line, and we’ll attack you, too.”

Scott continued, saying that what he considers intimidation “doesn’t work with me, and to every single African American, Hispanic, millennial — anybody in the majority population or minority population, if you believe in conservatism, stand up and be counted.”

“The radical Left, they’re so afraid of people like me, people like you, Sean, thinking for ourselves, speaking out and speaking the truth, that they will do anything they possibly can to silence the truth,” Scott said. “But it’s not going to work with me, it’s not going to work with others.”

Hannity noted that Scott was likely to be on the Republican nominee’s shortlist of candidates for vice president saying, “That’s just a fact. Is this a means of just trying to intimidate you, threaten you? Or maybe they’re threatened by you.”

“They are certainly threatened by me,” Scott responded. “They’re threatened by me and they’re threatened by people like me.”

Watch the full “Hannity” clip in the video above.

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