Tim Hortons is not the coffee king of Canada

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Tim Hortons may be the best known coffee in Canada, but it’s not the most loved. (HDGifs/Tumblr)
Tim Hortons may be the best known coffee in Canada, but it’s not the most loved. (HDGifs/Tumblr)

Hitting up Tim’s for a double-double is so stereotypically Canadian that it’s cliche. It turns out, though, that most Canadians are choosing a different coffee for their pick-me-up.

In a recent Maclean’s poll, Tim Hortons ranked fourth on the list of most preferred coffee chain.

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Voters were asked to rank coffee chains on a list of most to least favourite. First place votes received 15 points, second place received 14, etc.

Points were tallied from the more than 1,500 votes that had been submitted, and McDonald’s came out on top with 19,494 points. It was followed by Second Cup with 18,456 points and Starbucks with 18,100 points. Tim Hortons landed in fourth with 16,260 points, and Van Houtte (served by A&W) rounded out the top 5 with 15,686 points.

McDonald’s first launched their McCafe line in Canada in 2011, and opened its first standalone McCafe store in 2015. Since bringing McCafe to Canada, the beverages have developed a loyal fanbase.

The burger giant has also made a concerted effort to built that following. Last December, McDonald’s signed a deal with national airline WestJet to make McCafe coffee the only coffee served on 650 flights.

Fighting for Canadian coffee market supremacy is big business: Canadians are among the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. In the 2016 Coffee Association of Canada survey, 67 per cent of Canadians over the age of 18 had drank a coffee within the last day, and 79 per cent had enjoyed one in the last week.

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