Tim Cook is an unexpected winner of the Oscars fashion contest

Tim Cook is an unexpected winner of the Oscars fashion contest
  • A popular menswear blogger broke down some of the fashion highs and lows of the Oscars.

  • In the thread, Tim Cook's black tuxedo triumphed over other male celebrity outfit choices.

  • Menswear blogger Derek Guy said Cook's suit was "beautifully tailored" and "well proportioned."

At yesterday's Oscars, Tim Cook's simple black tuxedo caught the eye of the internet-famous menswear writer, Derek Guy.

In a thread on X, Guy broke down some of the menswear highs and lows of the Oscars. He commended the Apple CEO's outfit for being "beautifully tailored, well proportioned, no puckering or pulling," adding that it was "tastefully put together."

Guy wasn't as favorable about the outfit choices of other celebrities in the thread. He pointed out that actors Dwayne Johnson and William Dafoe both fell victim to ill-fitting suits.

In another post, he shared side-by-side photos of Cook and actor Nate Parker wearing similar black-tie suits and asked: "Which looks better?"

Guy said in a separate post that Parker's tuxedo sleeves were too short and his trousers too narrow, suggesting that Cook also beat the actor in the style contest.

Guy has often gone viral on X for his hot takes on menswear. Last year, his tirade against low-rise men's pants received over 2.5 million views on X, as he encouraged more men to opt for high-waisted pants.

While Cook's outfit came out unscathed from Guy's sharp eye for tailoring flaws, the menswear blogger is less convinced of the style elements of Apple's Vision Pro.

"I feel like a lot of tech ppl feel fashion shouldn't matter, and that's how we end up with things like this," he posted on X, along with a photo of the headset.

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