TikTokers feel ‘secondhand embarrassment’ after wedding server recalls time she thought dishes and cutlery were ‘edible’

TikTok comedian Elyse Myers (@elysemyers) shared one of her funniest experiences as a wedding server. She once mistakenly thought that the wedding dishes and cutlery were “edible,” and viewers are losing it in the comments.

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Sometimes misunderstandings can be hilarious. No one knows this better than comedian and digital content creator Elyse Myers, who recently posted a video in which she shared one of the funnier things that happened during her tenure as a cater waiter, leaving viewers with a severe case of secondhand embarrassment.

Without wasting any time, Myers opens the clip, launching into her story. Myers explains that she was working a wedding, and an hour and a half before the event started, the shift leader gave Myers and her co-workers a rundown for the evening.

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Myers recalls him saying that the bride “specifically requested edible everything,” listing off “plates, cutlery, the whole shebang.”

“And I think, ‘What in the Willy Wonka is this?’” Myers says, recalling the situation as a “logistical nightmare.”

Thinking the food and utensils would wilt from the humidity, Myers says she passed out mini quiches as if her “life depended on it.”

Myers noticed, however, that guests weren’t eating their plates “because why would they ever assume that they can eat a plate?” So she decided to tell people the plates and cutlery were edible as “this was such a specific request from the bride.”

She explained to guests that “you can actually eat the plate” and received a bewildered response. Embarrassed by the awkward encounter, Myers went to restock the hors d’oeuvres table.

Myers was in the middle of resupplying the mini quiches when the bride approached the table and insisted they eat one together in honor of her beloved late grandmother, the recipe’s creator.

In agreement, Myers eats the whole thing, “plate and all.” Upon seeing the bride’s stunned reaction, Myers delicately mentioned the edible cutlery request.

After the bride said there was no edible cutlery request, Myers went to clarify with her shift manager.

“It turns out I don’t know the difference between ‘edible’ and ‘biodegradable,’” Myers concludes at the end of the video.

Moment of cringe

Viewers were in hysterics over Myers’ moment of cringe.

“*Cackles in environmental friendliness*,” one user joked.

“My steering wheel is covered in coffee. I was not ready,” shared one TikToker.

“The secondhand embarrassment I feel right now hurts, I am so sorry,” another TikToker commented.

“I did not see that ending coming,” said one viewer on the edge of their seat.

Sometimes embarrassing moments end up being the best stories.

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