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TikTokers celebrate ‘no matter how hard life gets’ with trending 70s soul song

Sometimes life can get tough, and TikTokers are celebrating the fact they’ve never stooped to an embarrassing act during those moments.

In this trend, users post a video of themselves dancing while the text on the screen says, “me celebrating because no matter how hard life has gotten…” — or some slight variation of that.

“Celebrating because no matter how hard life gets at least I’m not soft parenting a man child by teaching him basic human decency and calling it a relationship,” said @treehugger084.

Some people are taking a light-hearted approach to this trend, using it as an opportunity to disparage popular television shows.

“Me celebrating because no matter how hard life has gotten I haven’t sat and watch 19 seasons of m** in a hospital,” wrote @thatoneblackgirlfrompa in her video, celebrating that she’s never watched Grey’s Anatomy.

“Correct!!! i watched all seasons of criminal minds and law in order instead,” said @spencermadeatiktokalright.

The sound from this trend comes from @musicplug4uu. At the beginning of March, they posted a sped-up version of “Young Hearts Run Free” by Candi Staton. That post has over 300,000 views, with the audio credited with over 60,000 videos.

There are several iterations of this song that are powering trends right now. The original version of “Young Hearts Run Free” was also a trending audio on TikTok, with over 13,000 posts credited to it.

“Friend: ‘Who still listens to 70s music!?’ Me:,” said @gillytheanswer.

On top of that one, there is a @benjilavida edit of the song that has over 21,000 posts attributed to it.

Candi Staton’s “Young Hearts Run Free” peaked at No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1976, but it has made a comeback and is showing its versatility. As for the main trend it’s apart of right now, TikTokers are celebrating everything from not vaping to having full lips.

From being a celebration anthem to letting people relive a different era of music, don’t be surprised to hear this song in one form or another on your For You page.

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