TikToker's Ring doorbell camera captures neighbor's angry 4 a.m. tirade: 'This is what I wake up to'

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A TikToker’s Ring doorbell caught the moment her angry neighbor tried to smash the camera with a handheld weight.

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TikTok user Mikki (@mikki.shae) was up at 4 a.m. getting ready to leave her apartment for the airport when she noticed her downstairs neighbor was angry at her for making noise. Mikki ignored the neighbor banging at her front door because, according to her, all she had done was “shut the sliding door and flush the toilet.”

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“This is what I wake up to,” Mikki captioned the clip. “She mad mad.”

The neighbor looks like she threw something at the Ring camera before almost returning to her apartment. Instead, the neighbor turns back to the front door, and it looks like she’s fidgeting with the doorbell camera. Frustrated, the neighbor then slaps the camera.

“Bro, you should have moved to an upstairs unit,” Mikki joked in the caption.

In between looking at her phone and covering the Ring camera, the neighbor bangs her handheld weight against Mikki’s front door before finally leaving.

The terrifying exchange has racked up over 3.5 million views on the platform, with commenters siding with Mikki.

“I will never understand people who live in apartments and expect complete silence,” someone said. “We live literally on top of each other.”

“Some people should not live in apartments,” another agreed. “It’s fully legal to make normal living sounds at any time.”

“She’s doing all of that instead of going back to sleep,” one person pointed out.

In a series of follow-up videos, Mikki explained that this was not her first encounter with the neighbor.

“It all started off with me and my friends. We were just chilling in my house. We were in the living room, just laughing and stuff,” Mikki said in her first update. “The music was very, very low — it wasn’t even loud or anything like that. All of a sudden, we hear, ‘Shut the f*** up!'”

Then, Mikki’s neighbor came upstairs, banged on her front door and then called the police.

“There are two people plus me. There’s no party going on,” Mikki continued. She even uploaded a video of her and her friend dancing that was filmed immediately after the police left their apartment.

 “[The neighbor complaining] is an ongoing thing,” Mikki said. “It has not stopped.”

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