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TikToker posts a ‘GRWM to break up with my boyfriend’: ‘Break free baby girl’

At this point, “Get ready with me” videos feel commonplace on social media. But have you ever seen someone “get ready” to break up with their significant other?

Twenty-year-old Orla Irvine (@orla14i) of Belfast, Ireland, posted three videos on TikTok that show her getting ready to end her relationship. At first glance, the video idea seems savage. As she explains what she’s endured, however, her decision to break things off seems valid.

“I’m gonna meet up with my boyfriend. He lives five hours away. He lives in Kerry, and I’m in Belfast,” she starts. “We’ve been going out together for a year and a half. We’ve known each other for longer than that.”

She applies foundation before continuing.

“So yeah, we’re meeting up in Dublin today. Halfway. We haven’t spoken since New Year’s because I found out he was cheating on me again,” she reveals. “Literally for like the fifth time maybe. I’ve actually lost count at this stage. And also lying about it again.”

Orla reveals she’s had enough of his behavior. The way he’s mistreated her, she says, has left her desensitized.

“We had a holiday booked with his family in July… I was gonna try and like hold out but like I don’t wanna be with a cheater, you know what I mean?” She adds that her soon-to-be ex also owes her money.

“The most disappointing part is, like, I actually had a really really good New Year,” she says. “I spent it all down there with his family and we went to a wee hotel and went ice skating and out for dinner and stuff and it was so much fun. But like, the next day, I found out he was cheating.”

In another video, she adds that there are also rumors “in his whole hometown” that he cheated on her with a girl from college. Orla shares that he messaged a girl on Snapchat. When asked if he had a girlfriend, he said “not really.”

Orla provides a post-breakup update at the end.

“It turns out he told his family it was my fault. He probably told his friends that too. And his mother and sister both had to text and apologize because he wouldn’t.”

“Why is everyone breaking up with their boyfriend, I love this lol”

Commenters have weighed in on Orla’s three-part saga.

“5 TIMES??? ur a way better person then me no way would i travel 2.5hours to dump someone who did that to me,” said @tamziinn.

“ur better off without him! never let any man push or break ur boundaries ur too good for that,” said @jessica47373884939393.

“4th one i’ve seen today ‘breaking up with my bf’ started to get worried,” wrote @kizaa18.

“Why is everyone breaking up with their boyfriend, I love this lol,” wrote @kaylin3240.

As this kind of “get ready with me” video continues to gain popularity, some users note how ruthless it seems.

While there’s no doubting the savage nature of these videos, the TikTokers who choose to create them seem to have compelling reasons to justify it.

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