TikTok Is Destroying An LA Influencer For Ordering Their Bagel Wrong

pile of everything bagels
pile of everything bagels - Littleny/Getty Images

A new controversy has entered the food side of TikTok (or "FoodTok"), and it's fueling the age-old rivalry between New York and Los Angeles. New York City is well-known for, among other things, its New York bagels, but the city now has a West Coast competitor. LA is making a name for itself with top-rate bagel shops like Yeastie Boys and Courage Bagels, which even The New York Times has recognized for their greatness. Even if New Yorkers can recognize that LA has some of the best bagels in the U.S., though, that doesn't mean they'll respect the way Angelenos eat them.

In a viral TikTok video, LA-based influencer @tayloroffer encounters some difficulties when they try ordering a bagel in N.Y.C. the way they normally would: scooped. This request didn't cut it at the deli, and now TikTok is destroying them. If you order a bagel scooped, you're asking the shop workers to scoop out the bread from inside the bagel, effectively reducing its bread-like texture and calorie count. Since LA is rife with social media influencers, many of whom are very health-conscious, practically any LA bagel shop will accommodate such a request. The New York bagel game, however, is very different.

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The Scooped Bagel Is Apparently A Deli 'Crime'

scooped bagel breakfast sandwich
scooped bagel breakfast sandwich - bazbagel/Instagram

To New Yorkers (and many people on TikTok), a scooped bagel is wasteful, nit-picky, and disrespects the bagel's integrity. The comment section of @tayloroffer's video voiced countless appalled reactions and was soon destroying the LA influencer for their attempt to order a "scooped, gluten-free bagel." In response to this order, one user commented, "at that point you have to just admit you don't really want a bagel at all." Others echoed this sentiment, calling the scooped bagel a "crime" and saying the deli gave the "appropriate response" by harshly rejecting their request.

Many people in the comments didn't even know what a scooped bagel was. One such user commented, "Just googled what a scooped bagel was. The deli guy was correct." Of course, not everyone in LA is going around scooping out their bagels, but New Yorkers — and, seemingly, many folks on TikTok — can't help but attribute this bagel crime to the entire city in order to cement their own bagel supremacy.

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