TikTok Confirms Everybody Loves Costco Chicken, And Maybe A Little Too Much

 rotisserie chickens
rotisserie chickens - Bloomberg/Getty Images

Costco has a certain reputation as the go-to store for many exceptionally delicious items. Kirkland's Signature Peanut Butter Pretzel Nuggets? Check. Nutbars or trail mix? Got it in the cart. And, who can resist Costco's chocolate chip cookies? But the cult-favorite rotisserie chicken is on another level of obsession for some shoppers. Even those who knew about the dedicated following may be surprised by the release of a TikTok video showing a swarm of Costco customers awaiting a new batch of rotisserie chickens.

TikToker @disney.munchies made a video while he was at Costco with his mother in which we see a group of customers standing around, watching as an employee wheels a cart with freshly made chickens out. While the employee is able to put a few in the case, the crowd of more than 20 people quickly converges on the chicken cart. All of the chicken vanishes within 30 seconds. Eager, smiling customers walk away holding their prizes. Anyone that was too late will have to wait for the next batch.

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Others Have Reported Similar Scenes In Their Own Costco

Costco employee placing rotisserie chickens on rack
Costco employee placing rotisserie chickens on rack - Bloomberg/Getty Images

In the comments section for @disney.munchies' TikTok video, there's an even mix of haters and lovers of the famed $4.99 rotisserie chickens. "Costco is just THAT GOOD," commented one person. "[I don't know] what it is...but there's just something different about Costco chicken. They cook it to literal perfection," said another. Others didn't get why these people were stalking the chicken cart. "I got it once [and] I don't see the hype," said a rotisserie chicken non-believer.

But if rumors are to be believed, this is pretty tame compared to other incidents involving Costco's rotisserie chickens. A Redditor in 2021 posted about watching a literal fight break out between two women who wanted the last rotisserie chicken. If that seems far-fetched, several people in @disney.munchies' comments also claimed that chicken mania is a thing at their locations, too.

Despite some thinking the chicken is bland, it is undeniably appealing. At $5, the 3-pound chicken is quite a deal. Not only can you and your family eat it for a cheap meal, but you'll probably have leftovers that you can use to make soup, salads, or any number of other dishes. Who knows, you may just find yourself waiting to snag a rotisserie chicken the next time you're at Costco.

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