Tied up dog is helpless as floodwaters rise — then cop runs to rescue, NC video shows

A police officer in North Carolina is being praised for his actions that saved the life of a pit bull.

The Greenville Police Department posted a video to its Facebook page showing Officer Benjamin Schultz rescuing the dog trapped in rising floodwaters from Tropical Storm Ophelia.

“The dog, a small pit bull, was tied to a fence and was just inches from drowning,” the post said.

The video shows Schultz untie the dog and carry it away to safety as rain poured down.

Police say a good Samaritan called about the dog.

“Without you, he wouldn’t be alive,” the post said, thanking the person who called.

McClatchy News reached out to police Sept. 24, but did not immediately hear back.

Floodwaters from the storm closed multiple roads in Greenville on Saturday, Sept. 23, according to another post by the police department.

The storm made landfall in North Carolina early Saturday, Sept. 23, according to The News & Observer. It left thousands of residents in North Carolina without power.

The storm brought wind and several inches of rain to parts of the state, The News & Observer reported. Some areas in eastern and central North Carolina saw downed trees and flooding, while storm surges affected parts of the coast.

Although the storm weakened Saturday night, its continued to threaten coastal flooding in parts of the country, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said, according to the Associated Press.

Swells from the storm are also expected to impact waters off the East Coast through the weekend, the Associated Press reported.

“The center of Ophelia is expected to turn toward the north-northeast and northeast, moving across eastern Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula through Sunday,” forecasters said, according to WJLA

Police have not said whether or not the owners of the dog will be charged.

Greenville is about 80 miles east of Raleigh.

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