Ticket price increases 'a really big hit to take'

King Power Stadium
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Lynn Wyeth, a board member for the Foxes Trust spoke to the When You're Smiling podcast about Leicester's increased ticket prices for next season:

"We were pretty surprised to see the increases. Although we expected a small increase because everything is going up, the size of it was a a lot higher than we envisaged.

"I know they've kept prices down for some years but it's a really big hit to take this year. Some of the category A tickets have risen by nearly 50% from last year.

"We immediately got a lot of members, and other fans, getting in touch with us who were pretty shocked and upset - and some very angry.

"It felt that they were really pricing families out. We had a lot of people who take children saying they can't afford to go now. We're a bit disappointed that there wasn't the engagement with us beforehand.

"I wouldn't be surprised to see some individuals or groups take action. We've already seen people saying that they won't be going to games or buying shirts this year.

"There's a lot to think about going forward whether this is the best strategy for everyone."

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