Your thoughts on Saturday's game

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We asked for your views on Saturday's match between Nottingham Forest and Chelsea.

Here are some of your answers:

Nottingham Forest fans

Simon: Typical Forest this season. Get the lead and then give it away. Nuno to blame, once again. Terrible subs. No way he can stay with us next season, absolutely no better than Cooper. Same poor defensive play style. Useless sub decisions. We're safe but it's not the way we should have ended the season.

Raymond: Anyone watching would never have guessed we were in the bottom four. We again showed flashes of fluency and quality in our passing. This squad has so much potential. I can’t wait for next season.

Hank: Typical Forest! Sums up much of the season. Played well, deserved something, but threw it away due to our own sloppy mistakes. Really took the shine off effectively staying up - but that is still the main thing. I hope we get a proper celebration next week. Will be glad when this season is over - roll on August!