Your thoughts on Everton's withdrawn appeal

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We asked for your views on Everton withdrawing their their appeal against a two-point deduction for breaching Premier League financial rules.

Here are some of your comments:

Chris: Receiving two points deductions in one season is grossly unfair and draconian. Yes, the rules are the rules (yawn) but any fans would feel the same if it happened to their club. Having said that, I think the club have made the right decision.

Steve: Considering our initial deduction was a whopping (and disproportionate) 10 points, I was relieved when second time around we were only docked two points. I don’t think we should have challenged this. Having another appeals process hanging over the club surely added to the existing atmosphere of uncertainty brought on by the ongoing 777 saga.

Ron: Definitely the right thing to do. An appeal can go two ways - harder or softer - so why take the risk? Getting two points back wouldn’t affect their relegation prospects because they are already safe.

Denby: Why should they proceed with their future next season secured? They would not gain anything other than a little pride. They are quite right to more or less say forget it let's move on.

Karen: Points appeal is irrelevant now. Premier League status already secured, club need to concentrate on finding a buyer to get rid of Moshiri, and 777, as they bring more trouble.