This Louis Vuitton plane-shaped bag costs more than an actual plane

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Virgil Abloh’s Autumn-Winter 2021 collection of Louis Vuitton features a man’s bag in the shape of a plane. Abloh’s line opened to a lot of praise among the fashion critics. However when LV released the bag online, social media was abuzz with criticism about its exorbitant price.

The bag in the shape of a plane is symbolic of LV’s association with travel. Louis Vuitton is known for manufacturing trunks and cases; several maharajas have owned LV bags over the years and to this day LV baggage is considered to be a status symbol.

LV’s plane-shaped bag is made in the company’s signature monogram canvas. It also features engines, cockpit and wings and has a shoulder strap. In some ways it’s significant that the collection dropped at a time when flying is severely restricted and the bag serves as a commentary on this unusual situation that the world has found itself in.

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To be fair the bag has received a lot of praise from the fashion community, although a bag this experimental is more in the Hermes territory than it is in LV. The Parisian luxury goods conglomerate that began making saddles for exclusive clients has since moved on to making exclusive and whimsical items for the rich and famous through Hermes Horizons, the super secretive branch of Hermes.

Even so, the design has sparked a lot of debate on social media about whether it’s worth it to begin with. The LV monogram canvas remains one of the most copied pieces in the fashion business just like the trademark Burberry checks, and doesn’t always spell cool, especially in experimental pieces such as this. The monogram has always been associated with quiet sophistication and not hip experimentation, which is what this bag essentially is.

The LV plane bag retails for $39,000, which is almost Rs 30 lakh in today’s conversion rate. And while, without doubt, there is clearly a market for bags this expensive (hello, Birkin), as several internet users pointed out, it’s possible to buy a real plane for less.

Of course, a brand new plane doesn’t come at this price but, as someone pointed out online, you can indeed buy a used Cessna single-engine aircraft for lesser!

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So, for argument’s sake, if you did have Rs 30 lakh or thereabouts, would you rather invest in a bag, a plane, or, ahem Bitcoin (which is worth Rs 25 lakh right about now)

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