'I think Silva will be a success' - Fulham

Planet Premier League

Former Premier League midfielder Cesc Fabregas spoke to the Planet Premier League podcast about Fulham, who take on title challengers Manchester City on Saturday: “Fulham is a tricky one for Manchester City, because they are playing well and they have good players. They've had a very complete season, they've improved in many areas and they have a good coach. It will be tricky for Manchester City to obtain the three points.

"I'm happy to hear that Silva isn’t happy with Fulham just surviving relegation because that's what we need for the Premier League to keep improving, managers like this with this mentality.

"He has a good group of players, technical players. He's made them believe, he's made them work hard because they track back and they really are very disciplined.

"They have a very clear idea of what they want to do. His style of play is very demanding, but at the same time it's good on the eye.

"It's true that they are a bit inconsistent. They can struggle sometimes but it's still early days. What he's saying, what he's trying to build takes some time as well.

"I believe they are on the right track. He's done it before in other clubs, he's a successful manager so I think he'll be successful at Fulham.”

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