Things You May Have Missed in the New ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones:

There’s a second trailer out for Game of Thrones Season 7, and it’s even MORE epic than the last trailer. We watched the trailer … and rewatched it … and rewatched it, to put together a few things you may have missed.

Drogon gives a menacing glare. (Photo Credit: HBO)
Drogon gives a menacing glare. (Photo Credit: HBO)

In one part, we see the gates beneath the wall being raised up, and if you look closely in the wide shot, there are two figures, one standing and one on the ground, seemingly being dragged, which means Bran and Meera have finally arrived at the wall! Too bad they JUST missed Jon.

And Daenerys and her dragons are at Dragonstone! This is where Daenerys was born, although she barely remembers it, since Robert Baratheon gifted it to Stannis after his rebellion. This is the first time Dany’s been back since she was a baby, so it is a huge moment for her. In one close-up shot of Drogon, if you look REALLY closely, you can see Dany riding him with Dragonstone in the background.

At one point, we see Arya, in new battle gear, riding a horse, and she clearly has Needle by her side.

In the scene where ravens fly above the Night King and his army, one crow has white eyes, which means Bran warged into him, but the Night King clearly senses Bran’s presence and looks up. Now, in the books we know that skin changers and wargs can sense one another, so does this mean the Night King might possibly be a warg himself?

There are plenty of shots of the dragons flying around in this trailer, and at one point Jamie and Bronn stand behind a group of Lannister archers, who take aim at the sky. In the books, it’s mentioned that one of the ways the dragons of yore were killed was with projectile weapons, so this might mean trouble.

At one point, we see a Greyjoy fleet at King’s Landing. Look closely and you can see that the Krakens in the sigils on the sails have a red eye, which was Euron’s sigil in the books, meaning this is Euron’s fleet, and not Yara and Theon’s.

And finally, we have the Unsullied sneaking into Casterly Rock. The show and the books have established that Casterly Rock is extremely difficult to take, but Tyrion has extensive knowledge of the one vulnerable place in the city: the sewer system. So odds are high that he’s passed this info on to Dany’s army.

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