There's a New Type of Pineapple Coming Soon

It's even cuter than the original.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

Many of us are part of a small or single-person household these days. For those of us who fall into that category, it’s a common feeling to feel the urge to pick up a pineapple in the produce aisle, then leave it there because you know some of it will just end up going bad. It turns out that Fresh Del Monte understands the sentiment, and they’ve come up with an exceptionally sweet solution.

The fruit-and-vegetable mega-company has just announced a new type of pineapple, the Precious Honeyglow, a one-and-a-half to two-pound pineapple, aka a mini pineapple. In fact, the new breed of tropical fruit is half the weight of a traditional ripe pineapple.

What is a Precious Honeyglow Pineapple?

The Precious Honeyglow isn’t just a pineapple that’s harvested before it reaches its full size. Fresh Del Monte has sold average-sized (approximately three-and-a-half-pounds) Honeyglow pineapples for a few years. And there are compelling reasons to try them, whether you’re buying a miniature one or a big guy.

Both traditionally-sized and Precious Honeyglow pineapples are farmed in Costa Rica, using a process that involves ripening more slowly on the stem, resulting in a sweeter taste. They’re hand-harvested at ideal ripeness and unparalleled sweetness. The name “Honeyglow” refers to the honey-colored fruit, as vibrant on the outside as it is when you cut into it, but also to its honeyed flavor—it’s one of the sweetest varieties of pineapple on Earth. Honeyglows are Sustainably Grown Certified, and are produced in limited quantities.

But more than 28 percent of American households now consist of a single person, and according to internal surveys conducted by Fresh Del Monte, this is a problem for the company since single-person households are significantly less likely than families to purchase whole pineapples. The answer? Make it smaller, so one person can eat the whole thing before it goes bad.

How Are Precious Honeygold Pineapples Grown?

According to Melissa Mackay, vice president of marketing, North America at Fresh Del Monte, “Del Monte Precious Honeyglow pineapple is produced through seed cultivation. We bring our Del Monte Gold pineapple to the level of sweetness, sizing and maturity level to suit specific market preferences.” The Fresh Del Monte production team went on to say this means that the company plants the pineapple seed, or slip, and waits for the plant to flower and develop. The pineapple is harvested over the duration of 16 to 18 months. She added that there are no GMOs (geneticaly modified organisms) involved in the process.

The Precious Honeyglow has been developed to produce just about two cups of edible pineapple, enough for three or four servings. That’s far more realistic for many of us than six to eight servings of fruit wilting in our fridge.

Where to Get Precious Honeyglow Pineapples

The miniature pineapple is available exclusively through Melissa’s Produce. According to the Melissa’s website, the sweet treats will be sold year-round. The fruit is shipped within 48 hours of being harvested, meaning optimal freshness every time you place an order. The pineapples are a welcome taste of the tropics, whether you’re living single or sharing a fun novelty with your family.

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