There's So Much Strength and Resilience in Jada Pinkett Smith's "Sherbet" Hair

Jada Pinkett Smith is not letting Virgo season end quietly! She dropped a bombshell on Instagram to celebrate her 52nd birthday. The star revealed a brand new hair color, a soft shade of rose gold that she playfully dubbed "birthday sherbet."

"This ain't noth'n but a birthday sherbet surprise within a Virgo sunrise," she captioned the IG selfie post. Pinkett Smith ensured we got a peek at her minimalist nails that paired beautifully with her newly dyed low haircut. Elevating the look even further, her rosy-toned makeup served as the perfect finish to her hair and nails, creating a faux monochromatic moment.

In March of 2022, the actor candidly shared updates about her relationship with her hair and her alopecia diagnosis. She revealed that rather than hiding her alopecia, she was set on embracing the state of her to embrace and planned on making it pop with embellishments and more.

Her followers have since seen her hair growth progress on social media, with her recent rose gold birthday hair showing the strength and preservation of the Virgo superstar.