There's A Debate Raging About The Right Way To Eat A Sandwich

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Is There A Right Way To Eat A Sandwich?@soogia1 / @foodporn

Is there a right way to eat a sandwich? That's the question at the center of the latest viral food debate. And let's just say that the last time people were this passionate about a sandwich, Popeyes had just released its insanely popular chicken sandwich.

The dispute all started when TikTok user @foodporn uploaded a video that included a photo of a half-eaten sandwich along with the seemingly innocent question: "which one would b ur next bite?"

Various parts of the sandwich were labeled A,B, or C to help viewers choose what part they'd nibble on next.

Those who opted for bite A chose to eat the side of the sandwich. B would get them a bite right in the middle. And C is a corner bite.

Without hesitation, the video's narrator Adam Best (@adamrobertbest) declared that "A is the wrong answer."

"No sane human being comes across this sandwich scenario and goes in for an A. Nobody does the A. That's the wrong answer," he said.

Despite this side-bite shade, the A option did receive some praise in the comments, with some declaring that it sets up better bites.

"A is the right answer, yes it's an inferior bite. but it set up an epic b bite," one person commented.

And on the contrary, another user claimed that choosing A "makes you a psycho."

Both B and C options seemed to be the most popular picks among commenters. One person even brought up the laws of symmetry while defending their pick.

"I say C to even out the sandwich symmetry, then A and leave the best bite last in B," they wrote.

You know we have to ask...where's your next bite: A, B, or C?

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