The very best of 2020 Fantasy Football Bad Beats

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Staff
·2 min read

Did you suffer a crushing loss in Week 16, or any week this season that just stuck with you, by way of a last-second defeat or a blowout?

Well, we here at Yahoo Fantasy were here for you, yet again, and always. We wanted to know all about it (so we could laugh at you) so we could help you get through it. Judge Andy Behrens assisted you through these troubled times, in Week 16 and every week of the 2020 fantasy football season.

And now, it’s time to look back at an amazing season of Fantasy Football Bad Beats!

Man, what a year it’s been. It may seem trivial to be thinking about making it to the end of the fantasy football season, what with everything else going on, but back in Week 1, we weren’t even sure we’d get started at all!

And look at us now, in Week 17! We made it! And whether you hoisted a trophy or started thinking about your drafts next year, it was a memorable season full of amazing moments, wild victories and, of course, defeats we wish we could forget.

But here at Yahoo, we never forget — we revel in the defeats, in the losses, in the bad beats! Just the worst of the worst, like when one fantasy manager lost to a team with four inactive players on their starting roster, or when Taysom Hill Taysom Hill’ed, or when Stephen Gostkowski forgot how to kick and cost the Yahoo Fantasy content boss his matchup!

So, with all that said, let’s take a stroll down memory lane with Andy Behrens and look back at the five worst (or most hilarious, depending on your perspective!) Fantasy Bad Beats of the 2020 season in the video above!

Did you suffer a bad beat in Week 16? Hit us up and tell us all about it @YahooFantasy!