The Rush: COVID-19 strikes Lakers, Celtics and New Orleans Saints

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WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE to see today’s piping-hot, fresh-outta-the-oven episode of THE RUSH with Matt Harmon! We’ll let you know everything you didn’t know you needed to know about sports. Other stuff too. But mostly sports.

It’s Friday, March 20, 2020 and here’s what Harmon is cookin up:

  • NBA continues to be hit hard by COVID-19 as members of the Lakers, Celtics, and 76ers have tested positive.

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  • New Orleans head coach Sean Payton, who was experiencing fatigue but no fever, became the first person in the NFL world to reveal a positive for COVID-19. 

  • The nightmare in Boston continues as the Red Sox announce Chris Sale needs Tommy John surgery.

  • The LA Rams released Todd Gurley and Clay Matthews in an effort to get out of salary cap hell following big extensions for Jared Goff and Aaron Donald.

  • In the first installment of The ‘Rona Diaries, LeBron is ready to star in Cast Away 2, Saquon fails to socially distance and Megan Rapinoe gets a bad haircut. 

THE RUSH will be back Monday. Until then, check out archived episodes here.

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