'The Office' shenanigans at Stanley Cup reach Game 7 apex with John Krasinski troll of Jenna Fischer

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One of the side stories from the Stanley Cup Final has centered around a beloved sitcom.

John Krasinski is a Boston Bruins fan. Jenna Fischer is a St. Louis Blues fan. The two played one of TV’s most iconic couples as Jim and Pam on “The Office.”

The two have traded lighthearted barbs on social media as momentum in the series has bounced back and forth and the pair have become celebrity mascots of sorts.

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John Krasinksi and Jenna Fischer (Pam and Jim) during happier times. (Getty)
John Krasinksi and Jenna Fischer (Pam and Jim) during happier times. (Getty)

Krasinski suggests inviting someone else

The “feud” has also made its way to TV.

After Fischer pronounced that it’s her turn to “rub it in his face,” Krasinski followed up on his idea to invite someone else to Wednesday’s Game 7.

For fans of “The Office,” that someone else needs no introduction.

Jim and Roy are cool now

Krasinski’s guest who appears midway through his Twitter video is, of course, David Denman, better known as Roy — Pam’s one-time fiance in “The Office.”

In the show, Pam left Roy, her high school sweetheart, to eventually marry Jim. It was a strained sitcom relationship that saw Roy attack Jim when he found out he had kissed Pam.

So there was a lot of scripted drama. But it appears that in real life, sports allegiances run deeper than fictional romance.

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