The Hockey PDOcast Episode 308: You Know It When You See It

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Welcome to “The Hockey PDOcast,” a Yahoo Sports podcast hosted by Dimitri Filipovic, who enlists the help of some of the game’s most insightful minds covering the NHL.

John Wroblewski joins the show to discuss working with USA Hockey’s historically prolific National Team Development Program draft class, the tricky balance of trying to get immediate results from young players while preparing them for the next level, and the practical application of some half-baked theoretical ideas.

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Topics include:

4:00 Developing future NHLers and working with USNTDP

13:10 Establishing a working definition of ‘Hockey IQ’

16:20 Pushing the envelope with early goalie pulls

28:15 Turning the penalty kill into a power kill

37:15 Experimenting with changes to offsides

47:15 Keeping play going, decreasing stoppages

The Hockey PDOcast
The Hockey PDOcast

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