The Hockey PDOcast Episode 293: David versus Goliath

Welcome to “The Hockey PDOcast,” a Yahoo Sports podcast hosted by Dimitri Filipovic, who enlists the help of some of the game’s most insightful minds covering the NHL.

Matt Porter joins the show to help preview the Eastern Conference Final by discussing how the Bruins and Hurricanes stack up against each other, key matchups to watch for, complaints about postseason officiating and Brad Marchand’s latest beef with the media.

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1:50 Tuukka Rask turning back the clock

15:00 How the Hurricanes got here

31:40 Brad Marchand's latest beef

41:40 Playoff officiating scrutiny

50:00 Contrasting styles of Carolina and Boston

58:30 The keys to the Eastern Conference Final

The Hockey PDOcast
The Hockey PDOcast

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