Texting Surpasses Email and Phone Calls as Preferred Customer Support Channel, Reveals EZ Texting Survey

Consumers prefer text messages over other channels regarding account security, emergency notifications, payment and appointment reminders, and delivery confirmations, a recent study claimed.

In its third annual consumer texting report, EZ Texting said 35 percent of respondents preferred texting over email (31 percent) and phones (29 percent). EZ Texting said the report “reveals that text messaging has become the dominant consumer preference over other channels for convenience messaging and customer support.”

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More than 1,600 consumers were polled.

The study also showed a strong preference for signing up to receive texts. The report found that 81 percent of respondents “said they had signed up to receive text messages from a business or organization,” which is a 15 percent increase from the 2021 study.

Moreover, those who sign up for texts are more likely to buy something as a result. The survey revealed that 58 percent of those polled said: “They’re more likely to purchase from a brand if they’ve subscribed to that brand’s text list.”

Other findings include an expectation for businesses to respond quickly to texts. The poll showed that 42 percent of those polled “expect a response from a business within just 15 minutes,” the report stated.

In a separate study of its business customers released in December, EZ Texting reported high satisfaction levels. The survey showed that 84 percent of its business customers described EZ Texting as “important to their organization.” The poll also revealed that 76 percent of new customers “come to EZ Texting with little to no marketing or text marketing experience.” And 87 percent of customers polled said they are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with EZ Texting’s ease of use.

“A customer-centric approach drives the EZ Texting experience, making it easy for new customers to start using the immediacy and engagement of text to power everything from promotions and loyalty programs to emergency alerts and appointment reminders,” the company said, adding that more than 240 customers were polled.

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