Tennessee DC Bob Shoop's explanation of Florida's game-winning TD is thorough

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You can learn a lot about football and the way coaches think and act by listening to Tennessee defensive coordinator Bob Shoop’s explanation of Florida’s game-winning touchdown vs. the Volunteers on Saturday.

Shoop started his media availability Tuesday with the explanation, figuring that the assembled media in attendance were all going to ask him about Feleipe Franks63-yard touchdown pass to Tyrie Cleveland with no time left. If you’re a football nerd, the above video is must-see viewing.

(via CBS)
(via CBS)

If you can’t watch on your device wherever you are, here are a few notes. His comments sure make a lot more sense than Tennessee coach Butch Jones’ goal-line offense one from a day before.

• Shoop said the team was thinking Florida would play for a potential game-winning field goal by kicker Eddy Piniero. He said descriptions of the play as a “Hail Mary” are “inaccurate.”

“To me, I would describe it as a basketball player hitting a three-quarter court shot to win a game at the end of the game,” Shoop said.

• The strategy on the last play was to call timeout if Florida showed it was looking to throw a Hail Mary. Tennessee didn’t call timeout because the Gators didn’t do that. Shoop said the team had four defenders over the three receivers lined up on one side and three defenders over two receivers on the other side.

“We took away the play that they ran, which is the irony of the whole thing,” Shoop said.

• Shoop said he figured that if the play happened in the second or third quarter, Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks would have taken off up the field as he left the pocket.

But Franks didn’t and he was able to sync up with Cleveland, who started to run a deep post on the left side of the field.

“He threw a dime. The player got behind our player and it was a disastrous ending,” Shoop said.

(Via CBS)
(Via CBS)

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