Aside From Exercising, What Is The Best Thing You've Done That Improved Your Life

Let's be honest: life can be incredibly difficult sometimes — so when we find a habit, trick, or have a life experience that influences a lifestyle change for the better, it can make the world a difference.

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So we want to know: Was there a specific thing that improved your quality of life so much that you wish you did it sooner?

For instance, maybe you play a particular playlist or album to make you super happy in the morning.

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Or maybe you call a loved one every Monday morning to get you in a positive frame of mind for the week ahead.

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Or maybe you realized that tracking your habits every single day has actually made you stick with them.

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Or perhaps you have ADHD, and you discovered that ADHD work accommodations have drastically changed your life for the better.

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Or finally, maybe you started doing this one financial trick that helped reduce your financial stress a little.

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Whatever the habit, trick, or idea is, share with us the one thing that has improved your life for the better in the Google form here or in the comments below: