Teen's homemade anniversary gift to girlfriend goes viral

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One teen got creative with his anniversary gift to his girlfriend. (Photo: Twitter/trillmexican_)
One teen got creative with his anniversary gift to his girlfriend. (Photo: Twitter/trillmexican_)

After a year of being together, teen Cesar Longoria wanted to show his boo, Fabiola Coronado, how special 365 days by her side have been. Cesar set out to create something with his own hands that showcased his love for Fabiola, but he never expected it to go viral.

Cesar tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “It’s our first year together. I wanted to do something special for her, having to do with flowers specifically. I’ve always told her she was a beautiful flower, so it’s a big thing in our relationship.”

With the flower theme in mind, he cut out a cardboard and shaped it as the numeral 1. He then proceeded to print out photos of the couple and pasted them in the back. The front was filled with red roses. His sweet gesture got nearly 95,000 likes on Twitter.

 Fabiola poses happily with Cesar’s romantic gift. (Photo: Twitter/trillmexican_) 
 Fabiola poses happily with Cesar’s romantic gift. (Photo: Twitter/trillmexican_) 

Cesar and Fabiola met in high school when she was a freshman and he was a junior. Cesar was shy, but thanks to social media the now-couple began to talk.

“I didn’t really have the guts to walk up to her at the time,” Cesar says. “It didn’t work out at first … but I’m glad we did at the end.”

And the Twitterverse is glad they worked out too.

Fabiola tells Yahoo Lifestyle she was super happy with her present.

“It’s definitely the sweetest and most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me,” she says. “It’s so crazy to know that his tweet got over 94,000 likes, but it makes me so happy to know that him being an amazing boyfriend and the gift he worked hard on got acknowledged by so many people all over the world.”

Cesar admits he was shocked his sweet gesture went viral. “I wanted to show all my friends what I made for her, and next thing you know I have people replying to my post in different languages,” he says. “I’m glad I put her picture in there so they could see her too.”

He also says that people have been teasing online him for “being cheap.” But he explains, “I didn’t have much money and I just started college and I’m having to help my parents out with the bills,” Cesar shares. “Any rose bracelets or rings were out of the picture, but that wasn’t an excuse for not giving her anything. I thought something handcrafted would be a lot more appreciated by her, and so I got down with my hands and did some work.”

And it’s clear Fabiola thought his romantic handcrafted gift was fabulous.

Now other boyfriends are following in Cesar’s footsteps and are getting inspired by his gift.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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