Teenager enrages family with ‘cruel’ tactic for keeping them out of her room: ‘[They] are not respecting your privacy’

A 17-year-old girl is tired of her little cousins running amok in her bedroom.

After she intervened, she asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum to weigh in on her method. The teen’s twin cousins kept destroying her property and using her computer. Their parents did nothing to stop them. So she figured out what the twins were afraid of and used it against them. Now, she’s wondering if she went too far.

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“My 8-year-old twin cousins have been staying with us for the last week while their parents are getting their house renovated. They’re insanely mischievous,” the Reddit poster explained.

“They keep running into my room, upending everything, throwing all my stuff everywhere, trying different passwords to unlock my desktop. If I latch the door, they’ll bang at it until I let them in. Every time I or their parents yell at them, they get more amused.”

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So the teenager came up with a plan to thwart the boys from entering her room.

“I discovered they’re both arachnophobic,” she wrote. “So I printed out massive spider posters for each of my walls, my floor, cupboard, the side of my bed and my door. Now they cry every time they see them and can’t enter the room without looking at one.

“I removed the one from my door when their parents complained, but I’m keeping the ones in my room up to keep them out. Their parents are OK with that, but the boys keep begging me to get rid of them, and my own parents are telling me I’m being cruel.”

Redditors felt the boys had what was coming to them.

“These 8-year-old space invaders are not respecting your privacy,” someone wrote.

“This is a glorious resolution,” another said.

“This is a brilliant solution to the problem!” a user posted.

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